Solheim Solar

Blazing a trail for energy solutions in Texas

As a leading renewable energy company focused on project development and strategic financing of utility-scale solar and storage sites, Pine Gate Renewables is bringing energy solutions to Texas by expanding access to renewable energy and supporting Texas’ future as a leading energy producer.

Solheim Solar

Pioneering Clean Energy for Texas

Located outside of Meridian, TX in Bosque County, the Solheim Solar project is a 100-megawatt (MW) solar farm that will supply clean, cost-effective and reliable power to the Texas grid. That’s enough clean energy to power nearly 14,747 Texas homes each year.

Delivering Local Economic Impact

Solheim Solar will deliver a significant investment in Bosque County through new taxes and landowner payments over the life of the project, plus economic opportunities, and a boost for local businesses.

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Approximately 400 jobs created during construction, with a focus on local hiring, workforce development and training.
Economic opportunities and a boost for local businesses
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Increased activity at local hotels and restaurants
Business opportunities for local heavy machinery and rental companies
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Pine Gate Renewables will establish an employee-directed fund to support local giving efforts and community interest programs in Bosque County.

Protecting Texas Land and Wildlife

With the Solheim Solar Project, Pine Gate Renewables is committed to preserving Texas’ beauty and protecting Texas land and wildlife.

  • Through its SolarCulture™ initiative, Pine Gate Renewables will protect and preserve the land on which the Solheim Solar Project will exist to help native plants and animals thrive.
  • During the life of the Solheim Solar Project, the underlying land will be undisturbed by humans, pesticides, and other damaging factors to biodiversity.
  • We work with landowners and local experts to preserve and protect the land where we site our projects, while maintaining the natural look and feel of area through the use of native, drought tolerant vegetation.

Committed to Safety and Longevity

Committed to safety and longevity through a strategic partnership with Blue Ridge Power, we provide expertise in solar engineering, procurement, and construction, we understand complicated projects and are highly focused on quality control, safety, and efficiency.

  • With 4,900MW of projects completed, Blue Ridge understands complicated projects and is highly focused on quality control, safety, and craftsmanship.
  • Blue Ridge Power works directly in the community and can address localized issues and concerns, and act quickly to coordinate changes along the way.
  • The equipment that is installed in our solar project is rigorously tested and our panels are built to last with a 40+ year lifespan
  • No harmful emissions or odors are released in creating electricity
  • Multiple safety precautions and procedures are in place to avoid sparks or electrical issues
  • A decommission plan is in place to safely remove all materials at the end of the project

Project Timeline

  • 2023 - 2025Development

  • 2025 - 2026Construction

  • 2027Operation

Work With Us

Pine Gate Renewables is dedicated to engaging with the communities we are a part of, listening to community feedback, understanding the concerns and values of our neighbors, and making changes when we can. We are committed to being a good neighbor for the long term and we want to hear from you!

Send us your questions and we will work diligently to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.

Work With Us! Pine Gate Renewables also strives to work with local business and organizations whenever possible during the development, construction, and lifespan of our projects. From equipment rental and service, to lodging and hospitality, or IT and other technology needs, if you own or manage a business and are interested in partnering with Pine Gate Renewables on the Porter Solar Project, please include your company name and information about your services on the contact form and we will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Why is this a good location for a solar project?
Our siting process for each of our projects entails an in-depth due-diligence process to ensure we are good stewards of the environment and to the communities where we have projects. Additionally, we look for suitable land that has close access to connect to the existing utility grid, and therefore provide clean energy to the grid in this part of Texas.
2Can I see the solar project from my house? From the city?
Solheim Solar will be developed on privately-owned land, will blend in with the natural surroundings. The solar panels will be surrounded by a wildlife fence and a vegetative buffer in some locations to shield the project from view from numerous vantage points, resulting in low visibility from major roads.
3Is the solar project noisy?
Once operational, the solar panels will emit virtually no noise. From 10 yards away, the sound of the equipment on site is comparable to a typical conversation volume. At the property line, the noise produced is inaudible.
4Will this project create extra traffic in the area or interfere with urban services, roadways, or schools?
Once operational, our projects will not bring high volumes of additional traffic to the area as very little maintenance is needed after installation. Even during construction, there will be minimal interference to roadways.
5What are the local benefits of the solar project?
In addition to providing enough clean, emission free energy to power 14,747 Texan homes each year, the project will bring a significant investment to Bosque County over the life of the project, plus economic opportunities for local businesses and an estimated 400 jobs supported during construction that will be filled locally as much as possible. Pine Gate Renewables gives back to the communities that host our projects through our Pine Gate Impact program.
6Will the solar project lower my property value or raise my home insurance costs?
While there are many uncontrollable factors that can impact property values across the country, including general market fluctuation and demand, Pine Gate Renewables believes, and numerous studies indicate, that solar farms do not have a direct negative impact on the values of adjacent homes or properties. Additionally, property appraisers that have conducted appraisals on properties close to large-scale solar farms have indicated that certain characteristics that are present in Pine Gate Renewable projects play a positive role in property value impact.
7What is the environmental impact of having a solar project? Will it harm natural wildlife, agriculture, or water sources?
Pine Gate Renewables is committed to preserving Texas’ beauty and protecting Texas land and wildlife. Through our SolarCulture™ initiative, we work with landowners and local groups to preserve and protect the land where we site our projects, while maintaining the natural look and feel of area. Additionally, our solar projects do not produce any by product, odor or harmful emissions that would have an impact on the project area or surrounding properties.
8Are solar panels safe?
The equipment that is installed in our solar project is rigorously tested and the panels themselves are sealed and made mostly of everyday materials such as glass, sand, aluminum, and copper. Other materials are very limited and sealed inside the panels. For additional safety, there are various electrical fuses and switches to protect the project, the surrounding electricity network, and the environment from any short circuits or sparks.
9What happens at the end of the project's useful life?
After the life span of a solar farm, it will be decommissioned. We will safely remove the modules and all project materials and restore the site to its previous condition.

Pine Gate Renewables: Getting Solar Done

Pine Gate Renewables is a leading renewable energy company headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. The company is mission-driven to create a positive impact on local communities through the development of low-cost solar and storage in alliance with strategic partners including corporations, utilities, and landowners plus their communities across the United States.​ ​ Pine Gate Renewables provides renewable energy and storage solutions across the United States. With one of the nation’s largest operating fleets and development pipelines, the company currently has more than 275 employees based across the country; has 1.9 GW in operating assets; 21 GW in development; and 99 operational sites across 29 states.

In Texas, Pine Gate is leading the way for energy solutions by expanding access to renewable energy and supporting Texas’ future as a leading energy producer. With more than $1 billion in capital investment planned for numerous projects that will generate 1.2GW of clean energy, Pine Gate Renewables is proud to be a part of the clean energy economy in Texas, bringing jobs and low-cost clean power to communities across the state to help meet Texas’ growing energy demand.