Pine Gate DNA | Three Foundational Elements

Author: Ben Catt, CEO

The success of any company doesn’t depend solely on the product or service it provides.  Success is found within the corporate DNA, those critical foundational elements which, when combined, create energy, and bring life to an organization.  At Pine Gate, this dynamic blend is our people, our values, and our commitment.  Three key differentiators that drive our vision.   

Our People |  

A company that values its employees and creates an inclusive workplace culture can achieve great heights and accomplish the impossible.  A nice statement that holds little value if not backed up by action.  Which brings us to differentiator number one, our people.  In short, the Pine Gate team believes it’s not what you say, but what you do.  Across our organization, we show up and follow through.  We bring others into the fold, make space for learning and practice, allow for safe failure, and celebrate our wins.  It is through this commitment to action, and to showing up for each other, that we have organically created a space that includes and values all. 

Our Values | 

Throughout Pine Gate’s upward trajectory, four core connectors have pushed us forward and continue to provide our team with the motivation to accomplish more.  Our values of grit, ownership, collaboration, and creativity are our second key differentiator and uniquely Pine Gate.  When challenges seem insurmountable, which happens frequently when leading the renewable energy transition, grit and ownership power us.  We roll up our sleeves and lock-arms to move initiatives forward.  Through creative approaches to problem-solving and a consistent willingness to collaborate and remove barriers, this team brings each other, and our key partners, along. 

Our Commitment |  

When viewing a Pine Gate solar site, you are not only observing a tangible commitment to leading our energy independence, but you are also witnessing our commitment to the communities where we operate.  This leads to our third key differentiator.  When developing a project, our team exceeds expectations and digs deeper into the unique needs of a respective community to include environmental and restorative opportunities, as well as community resource needs.  From playground equipment and nonprofit support, to restoring native habitat, we take pride in being a trustworthy, long-term partner. 

Our Foundation | 

Looking ahead, we are just shy of ten years in operation and Pine Gate’s operational fleet is approaching the major milestone of 100 active solar sites.  This accomplishment is a testament to our people, our values, and our commitment, a foundation upon which we will continue to thrive.  While the fast-paced challenges will continue, this team’s tenacity to pursue a clean, independent energy future is unmatched.  I applaud our team, what we’ve accomplished thus far, and look forward to working alongside them, our partners, and our communities for the next 100.