What We Do

Pine Gate Renewables is a leading renewable energy company focused on project development and strategic financing of utility-scale solar and storage sites throughout the United States. We work with energy buyers, corporations, utilities, local communities and capital partners to provide clean energy to the grid. We build all our solar projects through a strategic partnership with Blue Ridge Power, which provides expertise in solar engineering, procurement and construction.




Energy Buyers


Capital Partners



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Why Us?

We are driven to make solar cost competitive with fossil fuels, creating a solution that drives growth and capital in the market. Our bench strength of industry leaders is unmatched and we pride ourselves on not only keeping up with trends but planning for the future in this rapidly-growing and changing space. Check out a few of our milestones below.

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We’ve come a long way since our founding in 2014. Our significant portfolio continues to grow as we develop new solar projects, enter new states and create corporate partnerships to “get solar done."

Solar Projects

Bowman Solar

Located in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, Bowman is a 101-megawatt project spanning 651 acres, and is one of the largest solar sites in the state. Bowman Solar generates enough energy to power approximately 14,413 homes annually.

Number of kilowatt hours produced by our solar projects every year