Thi Lee


Thi Lee

Senior Director, Insurance Risk

“Chasing opportunities without managing risk is like driving a fast and expensive car without a seatbelt. Not right or wrong. Simply, not optimal. And scaling up of anything needs optimal performance.”

Thi Lee is the creative, process-oriented Senior Director of Insurance Risk at Pine Gate Renewables, a utility scale solar and storage innovator in the movement for clean energy solutions. With more than 15 years in underwriting and risk management at AIG, Hanover, Essex, and Pine Gate Renewables, Thi combines critical thinking, financial know-how and a healthy dose of imagination to develop real, lasting and rewarding broker-underwriter relationships. She is an expert at asking the hard questions and applies technical communication in business contexts to bring stakeholders together for safe, successful and intentional growth.

As a member of the Global Renewable Energy Insurance Council, Thi collaborates frequently with other industry thought leaders on smart risk transfer and management solutions addressing today’s climate and business challenges. She is a seasoned speaker and has authored several articles and white papers on the role risk management can play in the green energy transition.

Thi seeks joy, meaning and honesty in all that she does. Outside of work, she reads, travels, and explores the outdoors voraciously in the pursuit of self-knowledge. Her greatest growth opportunities, however, come from parenting two equally curious children in the San Francisco Bay Area.