David Groleau


David Groleau

SVP, Head of Origination

“Take action! This advice is hard to hear when there’s endless noise of fear and worry but just do it.”

As Head of Origination at Pine Gate Renewables, David is a power generation industry expert spearheading and growing commercial offtake relationships to accelerate the expansion of utility-scale solar projects.  With over 15 years of experience at Community Energy, Iberdrola Renewables and NTE Energy, he is well-versed in the development and acquisition of natural gas, biomass and wind and solar projects and applies this knowledge daily in the creative negotiation and execution of power purchase agreements and origination solutions.

David is on the cutting edge of impact discussions, deal structure and the role solar can play in larger corporate investment and social goals.  A past board member of the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Business Association (REEBA) and the St. Johns Chamber of Commerce where he also chaired the Agricultural and Environmental Council, he has broad experience building stakeholder rapport. His focus on partner relationships moves creative solutioning discussions forward to execution and implementation more efficiently than traditional project management and contracting techniques creating accelerated win-win outcomes for all.

Located in Asheville, NC David wears too much flannel and intentionally subjects his kids to the fresh mountain air of the Blue Ridge Mountains. His obsession with “weird” music, single-origin coffee and New England IPAs continuously fuel his creativity in seeking new ways to enable and accelerate the nation’s energy transition.

Areas of expertise

Origination & Project Development
Stakeholder Relations
Solar Industry
Energy Transition