Sunstone Solar

Blazing a trail for energy solutions in Oregon

As a national leader in large-scale solar energy development, Pine Gate Renewables is helping Oregon reach its aggressive clean energy goals by bringing reliable solar energy and battery storage to Oregon’s grid.

Sunstone Solar

Sunstone Solar

Supporting Oregon's Transition to Clean Energy

Located in Morrow County, Oregon, Sunstone Solar is a proposed 1,200-megawatt solar project that will supply clean, affordable, and reliable solar energy to the electric grid.

Delivering Clean Energy at Scale

Sunstone Solar is poised to be the largest solar facility in the Pacific Northwest, solidifying Oregon’s commitment to reach its statewide clean energy goals. As a leading developer of solar energy projects, we are committed to developing Sunstone Solar with careful consideration to the environment and the community.

Lasting Impact on the Local Economy

In addition to providing clean, emission free energy to power more than 216,000 homes, Sunstone Solar will bring an estimated $8.4 million to Morrow County every year.

Working Together to Reduce Environmental Impacts

Pine Gate Renewables is committed to preserving and protecting the land where we site our projects. Sunstone Solar will be developed with careful consideration to the environment in collaboration with landowners and local experts.

Committed to Being a Good Community Partner

Successful projects depend on active community involvement. We are committed to being a good neighbor by communicating in a transparent and timely fashion, listening and incorporating stakeholder feedback where possible, and developing long-term relationships with the Morrow County community.

Project Timeline

  • 2021 - 2026Development

  • 2026Start of Construction

  • 2030Fully Operational

Work With Us

Pine Gate Renewables is dedicated to engaging with the communities we are a part of, listening to community feedback, understanding the concerns and values of our neighbors, and making changes when we can. We are committed to being a good neighbor for the long term and we want to hear from you!

Send us your questions and we will work diligently to answer your inquiry in a timely manner.

Work With Us! Pine Gate Renewables also strives to work with local business and organizations whenever possible during the development, construction, and lifespan of our projects. From equipment rental and service, to lodging and hospitality, or IT and other technology needs, if you own or manage a business and are interested in partnering with Pine Gate Renewables at Sunstone Solar, please include your company name and information about your services on the contact form and we will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How does solar work?
Pine Gate uses photovoltaic or “PV” solar panels that absorb the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. The panels are mounted on racks, which are metal structures that rotate throughout the day, following the sun to optimize energy generation. The energy generated from a solar project is connected to the power grid and transmitted to a local utility through a point of interconnection. The electricity flows on to the grid through high voltage power lines where it is then managed and made available to the local utility to transmit to nearby customers.
2Why is this a good location for a solar project?
Our siting process for each of our projects entails an in-depth due-diligence process to ensure we are good stewards of the environment and to the communities where we have projects. Additionally, we look for suitable land that has close access to connect to the existing utility grid, and therefore provide clean energy to the grid.
3Is the solar project noisy?
Once operational, the solar project will emit virtually no noise. The equipment on site typically emits a maximum noise level below 50 decibels from 10 yards away, which is comparable to a typical conversation volume. At a distance of 500 feet, the noise produced is inaudible.
4Will this project create extra traffic in the area or interfere with urban services, roadways, or schools?
Once operational, our projects will not bring high volumes of additional traffic to the area as very little maintenance is needed after installation. Even during construction, there will be minimal interference to roadways.
5What are the local benefits of the solar project?
In addition to providing enough clean, emission free energy to power 216,000 homes each year, the project will bring an estimated $8.4 million of investment to Morrow County every year over the life of the project, plus economic opportunities for local businesses and an estimated 600 jobs supported during construction that will be filled locally as much as possible. Pine Gate Renewables gives back to the communities that host our projects through our Pine Gate Impact program.
6What is the environmental impact of having a solar project? Will it harm natural wildlife, agriculture, or water sources?
With the Sunstone, Pine Gate Renewables is committed to preserving Oregon’s beauty and protecting Oregon land and wildlife. Through our SolarCulture initiative, we work with landowners and local groups to preserve and protect the land where we site our projects, while maintaining the natural look and feel of area. Additionally, our solar projects do not produce any byproduct, odor or harmful emissions that would have an impact on the project area or surrounding properties.
7Are solar panels safe?
The equipment that is installed in our solar project is rigorously tested and the panels themselves are sealed and made mostly of everyday materials such as glass, sand, aluminum, and copper. Other materials are very limited and sealed inside the panels. For additional safety, there are various electrical fuses and switches to protect the project, the surrounding electricity network, and the environment from any short circuits or sparks.
8What happens at the end of the project's useful life?
After the life span of a solar farm, it will be decommissioned. We will safely remove the modules and all project materials and restore the site to its previous condition.
9How long do solar panels last?
How long do solar panels last? Panels are guaranteed and under warranty for 30-40 years. Most suppliers have increased their performance warranty to 30 years and we assume the panels will have a 40-year useful life. There are panels installed in the 1970s still producing power today. We monitor our projects remotely 24/7/365, and while the panels are designed to be weather-resistant, we are able to quickly replace any that are damaged. For resilience from hurricanes and tornadoes, we design our projects to meet or exceed local code requirements related to wind speeds. Our teams do a visual inspection after major weather events and are frequently on site after a storm passes to monitor equipment.

Pine Gate Renewables: Getting Solar Done

Pine Gate Renewables is a leading renewable energy company headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. The company is mission-driven to create a positive impact on local companies through the development of low-cost solar and storage in alliance with strategic partners including corporations, utilities, and landowners plus their communities across the United States. Pine Gate Renewables provides renewable energy and storage solutions across the United States. With one of the nation’s largest operating fleets and development pipelines, the company currently has more than 275 employees based across the country; has 1.9 GW in operating assets; 21 GW in development; and 99 operational sites across 29 states.