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From coast to coast, we operate solar projects that positively impact their local communities. We operate 85 solar projects, accounting for more than 907MW of energy, and have more than 15GW in active development.

Below are a few of our project highlights from around the country.

Bowman Solar

South Carolina

Located in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, Bowman is a 101-megawatt project spanning 651 acres, and is one of the largest solar sites in the state. Bowman Solar generates enough energy to power approximately 14,400 homes annually.

Through the teamwork of Pine Gate’s Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) team, groundbreaking on the 849,840-panel project began in early 2019 and it went online in August of 2020. Financing was led by CIT, US Bank and John Hancock.

Bowman is Pine Gate’s 13th project in South Carolina and cumulatively our projects have raised more than $400 million in capital, generating almost $1 million in personal property taxes for local communities across the state.

Eagle Point Solar


Located in Central Point, OR, Eagle Point Solar not only provides 13MW of renewable energy to the PacifiCorp grid, but is part of our SolarCulture initiative which works to promote sustainable agriculture.

In 2018, it became home to the only apiary on a solar site in the America, hosting 57 honeybee hives.

Powering nearly 1,600 homes, Eagle Point includes 41 acres that were restored with native vegetation and a pollinator habitat.

Trent River Solar

North Carolina

In Pollocksville, NC, Trent River is one of the first projects awarded under Duke Energy’s Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy (CPRE) program.

Operational since Summer 2021, Trent River generates 108MW of energy for approximately 16,000 North Carolina homes annually.

Sugar Solar

North Carolina

Currently under construction in Yadkinville, NC, Sugar Solar will be an 81 MW project, generating enough energy to power approximately 11,578 homes annually. Sugar is one of the projects awarded under Duke Energy’s Competitive Procurement of Renewable Energy (CPRE) program and is expected to go online in Q3 2021.

Palmer Circle Solar

Rhode Island

Named for its shape, Palmer Circle in Hope Valley, RI, is one of our smaller projects in the state, providing .99 MW of energy to power approximately 142 homes annually. It went online in Q4 of 2019, and is one of five operational projects in Rhode Island.

Page Solar

North Carolina

Page Solar, located in Willow Springs, NC, is a 1.8MW project that is also part of our SolarCulture initiative. In 2018 the site was specifically chosen as a test site for wildlife-permeable fencing because of its proximity to sizeable areas of forestlands, where a higher diversity of species and their habitat are located as compared to sites that are surrounded by agricultural land, roads or other development. This fencing includes larger holes at the bottom to allow critters such as rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons to pass through.

Centerfield Solar

South Carolina

Located in Chesterfield, SC, Centerfield Solar is a 97.6 MW project generating enough energy to power approximately 13,800 homes annually.

Centerfield went online in December 2020 and is laid out over multiple plots of land and connected to the Santee Cooper electric grid, making it their first transmission-level solar project.

Grissom Solar

North Carolina

Grissom Solar is a 6.9MW project + 10MWh of additional energy storage in Enfield, NC, generating enough energy to power approximately 1,556 homes annually.

Grissom is part of our 12 solar and solar-plus project portfolio, all of which are expected to be online by the end of the year. Its 10MWh of storage dispatches power during peak demand hours and provides critical ancillary services to ensure the integrity of the electric grid.

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