Clean Energy Events


May 2, 2019 in Springfield, SC

We want to thank everyone who celebrated the operation of our largest site to date, Peony Solar, with us in Springfield! It was wonderful to meet our partners and provide some education of how a solar farm operates. Building a solar farm is a team effort and couldn't have been done without the construction help of NARENCO and support from the South Carolina community.

To show our appreciation of that support, Pine Gate wanted to give back to the community that has welcomed us. Knowing how much the Edisto River Basin means to communities all across South Carolina, we decided to make a donation to the Friends of the Edisto (FRED). The mission of FRED is to protect and enhance the natural and cultural character and resources of the Edisto River Basin through conservation and responsible use, and we want to assist as much as we can.

To learn more about the Friends of the Edisto, visit their website here.