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Energy Storage

Storage Solutions Today for the Needs of Tomorrow

Energy storage provides critical ancillary services to the utility grid, ensuring reliability of service and cost savings to customers. Pine Gate is a leader in developing solar projects across the country and has more than 15 GWh of storage in development either stand-alone or combined with solar projects. Our storage strategy is built for the grid of tomorrow, keeping in mind the needs of today. Pine Gate’s team of experts deliver through in-house experience, innovative financial structures and investments in the best technology. We are building partnerships for the future to get solar and storage done.

4 Ways We Stand Out

1. Our Expertise: Pine Gate has a strategic partnership with Blue Ridge Power that provides a dedicated team of technical, commercial and EPC experts who have pioneered storage solutions in various markets, providing direct experience and leveraging existing solar experience. Read more about our partner Blue Ridge Power.
2. Driving Asset Value: We are committed to bringing energy storage solutions to life through financing partnerships and technology enhancements that drive value for our partners.
3. Technology Agnostic: We believe the best idea wins. We remain technology agnostic to keep up with the pace of development and are forward-thinking in our approach. We are flexible and able to step into any stage of the project cycle. By establishing an approved vendor program, we can be leaner and smarter when negotiating contracts and finding unique ways to add value to project stakeholders.
4. Competencies: We have built internal modeling capabilities that have helped drive decision-making on energy storage projects. Today, we are able to model and visualize different scenarios to take advantage of market constructs that help us deliver an exceptional value to our customers. Our team is lean, innovative and strategizes using a data-driven approach.
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Grissom Solar and Storage

Grissom Solar is a 6.9MW project + 10MWh energy storage project located in Enfield, NC. It generates enough energy to power approximately 1,556 homes annually.

Grissom is part of our 12 solar and solar-plus project portfolio. Its 10MWh of storage will dispatch power during peak demand hours and provide critical ancillary services to ensure the integrity of the electric grid.